2017 Winners and Hardware

Reminder!! To make the show days go smoother, please send your pre-entries for both the Open and Gymkhana shows to michellelynn9999@gmail.com prior to each show!!

Please report any work hours to Michellelynn9999@gmail.com or at the open shows in the entry booth. Remember, each exhibitor needs minimum 6 hours to qualify for year end, both Open and Gymkhana!!

We have our show dates for 2018! The show dates for next year will be:

April 15--Dennis Dean

May 27--Beth Clemons

July 8th--Debbie Britt-Hay and Gina Cunningham

AUG 19TH--Ted Lange

We will also be hosting a Gymkhana Buckle Series at Tumbleweed! Those dates are:

There are a different class list/entry forms listed under "INFO" for A and B dates.

March 10 (A date)

April 14 (B date)

May 12 (A date)

July 14 (B date)

Sept 8 (A date)

June 23 rain date Please share these dates out with friends who love gymkhana!


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